Ocean Home Magazine – Heaven in the Hamptons

Ocean Home features the transformational garden and dune restoration surrounding an east end home designed with Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects.

“There are many private residences in The Hamptons with heavenly coastal surroundings, but surely few can rival the sublime setting of this singular ocean home garden…

“l wanted to make it look as though the house and garden have somehow miraculously grown out of this wonderful but very old natural dune area,” [Hollander] says.

“The resulting landscape looks almost effortless -a testament to Hollander’s deft and meticulous master plan – but belies a two-year and highly collaborative design process between client, architect and landscape architect to bring the original concept to fruition.

“The client – a high-profile executive chef and restauranteur – had commissioned Fred Stelle of Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects in 2012 to design the house. Hollander had worked on a previous home with the client and the architects, and all three agreed that he should join the design process from the outset.

“Because of the ecological sensitivity of the site and all the required permitting that goes along with building on the ocean, we got involved very early in the process,” says Hollander.

“The first major task that fell to Hollander Design was an entire restoration of the natural sand dune buffering the house from the ocean, much of which had been severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.”

“We had to make sure we had a healthy and stable dune, with the correct grading, contouring, sand and native plants, before the client started investing all this money in creating the house,” he says.