LUXE Magazine Hamptons – Coming Together

LUXE features the collaboration between Hollander, Blaze Makoid Architecture, and David Scott Interiors to create a perfect environment for socializing.

“There are moments in life when one sees something and in an instant knows it’s right. That is what happened when a couple with three children was shown a North Haven property overlooking the sea. The location could not have been more perfect for their family, and as they arrived at the top of the driveway, a spectacular view appeared. But no project comes without its challenges and the owners, along with their architect, Blaze Makoid, faced a significant one: Local regulations limited the footprint of a house on the water. With room for family and friends a top priority, the couple needed plenty of space for their children and a plethora of guests. “Blaze really listened to me when I said, ‘This is our family dynamic. This is the way we live,’” says the wife. “He just understood what we wanted out of a summer home…”

“Hollander took his cues from Makoid and Scott. “This was a collaboration, where Blaze’s architecture, David’s furniture and our landscape had to seem as it was three hands attached to one arm,” says Hollander. “Because of the transparency, it is the quintessentially perfect Hamptons house. So much of the living in the houses of this area takes place in semi-indoor, semi-outdoor areas, in places where you smell the sea breezes, where you hear the birds, but you’re also protected from the hot sun.” The seaside location wasn’t just a factor in the aesthetics of the structure, however. Hollander also took it into consideration when choosing the foliage, planting native species, such as swamp maples and bluestem grass, that could withstand its effects. The final result is a home that feels twice as big as its actual square footage. And although the house has an easy, laid-back vibe, it is still sophisticated enough for the couple to host spectacular parties, such as fund-raising events and a Fourth of July soiree with a perfect view of the fireworks in Sag Harbor.”