Hollander Design Wins 2023 McKim, Mead & White Award


The McKim, Mead & White Award, bestowed by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, recognizes excellence in classical and vernacular design.

The landscape design for this post-agricultural homestead near the ocean gives a large property a sense of cohesion and identity connected to its past.

The site includes historic, traditional and contemporary architecture, yet feels unified because of the landscape design’s structured views, subtle references to its history as farmland, and unfailing attention to creating a healthy environment for people and pollinators alike.

Every planting decision was guided by a commitment to preserve and increase health in the landscape. Clover is left to flourish in the lawn, while joe-pye weed, oxeye daisies, sunflowers, black-eyed susans, and lobelia stud the meadows. Two hives of bees are tucked near the western edge of the property, part of an agricultural area where they can feast on flowering peach, pear, and apple orchards.

Espaliered pear trees along a Belgian cedar fence are supported by bee-friendly lavender in the same garden. New beeches, oaks, lindens and assorted flowering trees were carefully selected for their pollinator-friendly attributes.

We were pleased to collaborate with architects Peter Pennoyer, Victoria Hagan, Roger Ferris, and Robert Stilin on this project.

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Photos by Neil Landino and Charles Mayer.